Antivirus Performance Comparison

Antivirus performance comparison

All computer users must install a third-party antivirus tool. These tools can help detect and remove malware from the PC, and they can also block malicious sites that may try to hijack or corrupt data. However, these tools can significantly reduce a computer’s speed and performance when they run scans or updating their database of affected files. This article will look at how different antivirus software performs in tests that are designed to determine the extent to which they slow down the speed and performance of a computer when compared with other similar programs.

The independent AV Comparatives lab conducts many different tests to evaluate security software products. Its tests examine security in real-world scenarios, detection of infected file (classical testing), and the performance. The AV-Comparatives award Gold, Bronze, and Silver awards depending on the results visit the website of each type of test.

This test was inspired by a real-life customer scenario. Many customers employ complex PowerShell scripts to dump content from one file system to another, and these processes can take hours or even days to complete. These scripts are executed on high-performance hardware. Therefore, we wanted to know how long the antivirus scanner would affect this – and how the tools used the resources available on each computer.

Avira Prime performed well in AV Comparatives tests. It provided 99percent protection against mac malware, PUAs, and Windows Malware. However it requires a subscription for full functionality, and its marketing messages are often quite irritating.

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