Board Portal Software

Software for board portals provides a central location to securely store and share critical information. It supports all aspects of meeting management – from agenda creation and sharing through to document distribution and voting in real time. Board portals also facilitate easy, flexible collaboration that is accessible from any device.

In addition to providing directors with fast and secure access to pertinent information, the world-class board portal is designed to make the board room more productive by giving directors more time to engage in meaningful discussions and deliberations. That means reducing the amount of time spent on non-essential tasks like reading boards’ books in physical form or browsing through email threads for critical information.

A quality portal can offer the tools needed to assist boards to improve their governance in less time, such as the complete board book prep function that makes it simple for board administrators to prepare digital board packages using minutes and re-use templates from previous meetings. Gen 3 portals also allows board members to carry on their work after meetings. Action items can be tracked and approved directly in the portal and draft minutes are automatically linked to relevant documents.

The selection of the best board portal for your organization requires careful consideration and evaluation of all available options. We recommend involving key stakeholders (board administrators, IT personnel and board members) early in the process, so that you can understand their concerns and needs. It is then possible to communicate a clear idea of the possible benefits of a board portal to support your organization’s governance procedures and also get their support for the initiative. In addition, a quality board portal should provide an user-friendly interface that allows for ease of use and accessibility to users of varying technological capabilities.

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