Improving Board Management Efficiency

A high-performing board can be the difference between success and failure for a business. It can also provide an environment that is stable and secure for those it serves. Inefficient internal processes and a lack an explicit definition of management and board roles can lead to dysfunctional boards that negatively impact the employees and the organization.

Improving board management efficiency begins with ensuring the board has the information they require to make informed decisions. This means ensuring that directors have access to current and timely information, and that the information is simple to comprehend. It is also important to create a structure that allows for a variety of opinions and expertise as well as a logical management and committee structure.

Board management software lets directors access the information they require for meetings from one central location, removing the need to go through boards’ physical folders or scroll through emails. It also permits the recording of minutes of meetings and the insights that follow meetings and also for action items to be tracked throughout the meeting process.

Adopting digitisation will improve board management efficiency. Use a framework such as the “needs-by-meeting stage” to assess your current software for board members (even when it’s still desktop-based software). Determine your pain points. Try out the new software before adopting it to ensure that it’s seamless and efficient for all the participants in the board cycle.

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