Skills for a Successful Board Member

A successful board member has traditional leadership qualities like high ethics and integrity, a deep understanding of governance issues; an executive ability to communicate with people, inspire and motivate them and to drive improvement. They are also curious and have a constant learning mindset.

The interviewer will want to find out if you’re able to navigate the complex issues that may arise while you are on the board. You should be able to describe how your leadership has prevented the board from taking legal and regulatory risks, and made sure that the company is following best practices. You should also explain how you helped the board in establishing clear guidelines, procedures and policies that will guide the future of the company.

The ability to question and challenge one another is a vital ability for board members who are successful. The interviewer will want to determine if your relationship with the rest of the board adequate to handle difficult discussions, and if you can help informative post the company figure out its path forward when it goes off course.

Board members are held to a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interest of the company. Additionally, they must understand the limitations of their power and authority when making decisions that affect the operations of the company. The ability to challenge a company’s decision is a sign that the company has integrity. It also helps to improve its position in the race for growth.

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