The Ins and Outs of Board Meeting Procedures

It’s crucial that you understand the ins-and-outs of board meetings, regardless of whether you’re on your management team or chair of your board. Getting these down can help you ensure that meetings run smoothly and that crucial information is recorded and discussed.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are a crucial part of any board meeting. They serve as a formal document of the discussions of the meeting, the votes and resolutions adopted by the board. They allow the board to review their decisions at any time and can be required by investors, law, or other stakeholders.

Agenda Setting

To ensure a successful meeting, the most important step you can take is to provide an agenda as well as any other relevant documents well ahead of time to all participants. This will enable them to become familiar with the meeting with the agenda and to prepare questions and remarks. This will also prevent the meeting from running over the time limit by making sure that you cover all the items on the agenda.

Start with the key issues

Begin your board meeting with an overview of the current situation of your business and then move to discussing future strategies and policies. This will keep your board motivated and engaged and ensure that the most important discussions are held first. It’s also important to note that any topics that were not included in the agenda may only be discussed during the meeting with the approval of the chairman and with the approval of a majority of the Directors present at the meeting.

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